Bundesweite Audi A4-Markteinführung

Bundesweite Audi A4-Markteinführung


For the nation-wide launch of Audi’s new A4 model, creative agencies ENVY and COSALUX collaborated to create a series of breathtaking events. The goal: making Audi’s slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik” tangible for the audience through state-of-the-art digital experiences. Augmented reality invitation cards bring together the most important customers and partners of Audi in nine flagship showrooms. After a red carpet reception, live acts from pop music singers and delicious street food, the new model is unveiled within a spectacular breakdancing battle of the Red Bull Flying Steps versus digital welding robots. By using virtual reality glasses, guests can immerse into an interactive showroom to configure their own personal car design and experience a test drive. Through the skilful link of reality and virtuality, the agencies show how the future of multi-media events will look like and deliver a top-notch product launch to Audi.